Friction's shows are described as unforgettable, beatifical experiences. Together with his band The Roots Drivers, Friction takes the crowd from the Caribbean to Africa, with strong Reggae Music and irresistable African rhythms, all mixed up fluently into a great blend. And finishing each show with a guaranteed climax: a big party together with the crowd.

Friction's show can be as long as you wish; from about 45 minutes till about 2 hours long. With a break in between
, or one long set. 

Friction usually performs with a band consisting of 6 people including himself, but there are events/stages on which a smaller setting suits better. In that case he will adjust the bandsetting, with always one guarantee for the organisor: the quality of the music and the party they build remain the same.

Kindly get in touch with us, and tell us your wishes (type of event, duration of the show, and other details) so that together we can come to an agreement about the fee. 

0031 6 18 90 21 97 or