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Official Video 'Zongo Na Fito' by Friction ft. All Stars out now!

Welcome to Friction's official website!

Friction is known for his irrisistable blend of powerful Reggae with African and Carribean Vibes, and for his unforgettable live performances.

Together with his band The Roots Drivers Friction is touring the world; from Canada to Germany, from the UK to Holland and many countries in between. Check out the agenda for his complete tour schedule, or get in touch if you want to book Friction yourself!

Friction's music is unique, and so is his life story. Friction was born and raised in the ghetto of Accra (Ghana), and managed to establish an international music career. Read his inspiring story here



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Friction winner of the Nima Excellence Awards- category Entertainment Personality 2019

The Nima Excellence Awards is an Award Show designed to recognize and celebrate people who have excelled in their chosen carreer and still represent the place Nima, one of Accra's biggest hoods and the place where Friction was born and raised. 

Although Friction is currently based in Holland, he has never stopped representing Nima and he is so proud to come from Nima. To be celebrated with an Award or Entertainment Personality is therefor a great honour.


Friction starring in a program on the Dutch tv channel RTL4

In the program 'Het Perfecte Plaatje' Dutch celebrities are competing with each other each week to make the best photo. In this episode they have to make a photo of a music band. Friction & The Roots Drivers were invited as the reggae band, and the Dutch actress Isa Hoes shot this picture, which ended up on the second place in the program. Check the episode here:

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